Chongqing is China’s 3rd biggest producer and the 2nd biggest exporter of automotive industry, as well as the 2nd biggest producer of motorcycles.

Since HP, Foxconn, Inventec and Acer established their branches in Chongqing in recent years, the region has turned into the world’s notebook and laptop capital.

Chongqing boasts China’s biggest data processing center and construction of china’s largest cloud computing center has been started in the Liangjiang New Area economic zone.

With an urbanization rate of 57%, large parts of Chongqing’s territory are still rural. Farmland area amounts to 2,5million ha. Farming (60%), forestry, animal husbandry (32%) and fishery together generate 66,21billion RMB. Chongqing is an important production base of oranges and pork. Other focus areas include: silk, herbal medicine, and forestry and bamboo timber processing. The recent intentions of the central government to invest in food safety and rural environment protection also resonates in Chongqing. For example, like in other parts of China, Chongqing organic farming is upcoming, driven partially by slowly increasing local demand, but mostly by growing demand in coastal and Western markets.

The Chongqing Chemical Industrial Park, located in the district of Changshou, is the basis for an industry that accounts for 8% of total manufacturing in Chongqing and is among its priority industries. Its main focus areas are natural gas, chlorine alkali and petroleum.

Other important industries:

Chongqing mining companies currently focus on overseas acquisition of raw material sources for iron- and materials.

Chongqing has aluminium and steel processing plants to supply its booming automotive industry.  Textile- & garment production, accounting for 14% of total manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical and medical equipment production.-  Construction, with a total area of 283,4 million m2- under construction in 2012.

Creative industries, Chongqing’s educational basis in the arts is strong: the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute- ranks among the country’s top 5 art programs, and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Chongqing is ranked 10th nationwide. Creative spaces include a graffiti street (Tuya Street) and creative art space Organhaus, which mainly targets experimental multi-media artists. Multiple creative industries parks are currently under construction. Subsectors such as gaming, fashion and industrial design have yet to reach their full potential.

Paper manufacturing, Chongqing is the biggest producer in Western China-

Chongqing shipbuilding ranks no. 1 in Western China and production of pleasure yachts is on the rise.-  In all sectors, there is an increasing government-supported demand for cleaner technology.-