Three Gorges (Mountains, gorges & a dam on the Yangtze)

Three Gorges reservoir region is a mountainous stretch along China’s Yangtze River, between Chongqing and Yichang cities. Carved between steep

Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City is a large complex of shrines, temples and monasteries dedicated to the afterlife located on the Ming mountain, in Fengdu County,

 Three Gorges Museum

The Three Gorges Museum is a museum in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing, China, about the Three Gorges and Chongqing

Zoo in Chongqing 

Even a brief visit to the Zoo in Chongqing is worthwhile because you can observe many pandas at close quarters, while in Sichuan they are nearly extinct in the wild. An early start is necessary if you wish to see the Panda feeding at 9 am. However, this is also when most of the rest of the tourists will be present.

Cableway across the Yangtze River

The cableway across the Yangtze River was put into operation in 1987 to increase the efficiency of transport between the Yuzhong and Nan’an districts in Chongqing without building expensive new bridges. With a span of 1,166 meters (3800 feet), it is much longer than its sister cableway across the Jialing River (1982-2011), but this latter is already no longer in operation. Huge bridges will soon carry the CRT Line 6 over the Jialing River leading to Jiefangbai and finally over the Yangtze River, so there is concern that the Yangtze Cableway will be abandoned.